Problem Report / Feature Request

When submitting a problem report, please provide the following information:

  1. Description of the operation that failed
  2. The error log file, if one was generated
  3. If no error file was generated, a screen capture with the error message
  4. If possible, the ATML document that you were editing at the time of failure
  5. Operating system version and Service Pack level
  6. Account type (ex. Administrator,  Standard, etc.)

When submitting a feature request, please provide the following information:

  1. Brief description of your application / ATML use case
  2. Description of the feature that is requested
  3. An ATML document that contains the requested feature, if applicable
  4. Any supporting document that can be used to illustrate the feature: diagrams, screen captures, source code, etc.

For email submission (with supporting files), please send an email to and provide the files in an attached ZIP archive.

Privacy policy: We respect your privacy. We will never make your e-mail address available to any other party. You will not receive any e-mail solicitations from us. We will use the email address only for communication regarding ATML Pad.